bringing hope to orphans, victims of human trafficking, and the world's most vulnerable.

Rescue House

Sonali asked me “Patty Auntie, do you teach people in America how to make jewelry?” I smiled and said, “No, only in India.” To that Sonali replied, “Oh, we are very blessed.”

28 hands twisting, shaping, clipping. The young women of Rescue House* crowded around a small table as our team worked with them to master the basic jewelry making techniques they need to know in order to create beautiful jewelry. All 14 young women, ranging in age from 18 to 21, have been rescued by the police from a life of sexual slavery.

*name changed

According to the ILO, approximately 2.45 million people are being trafficked in the world at any given moment. Nearly half of those being trafficked are for commercial sex exploitation and, increasingly, the victims are girls age 18 or younger. (Information from the

Jen Price
Jen Price