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Jen Price
Jen Price

Siita’s ┬áStory

As her mother, a prostitute, was leaving for Dubai, she gave her 14-year old daughter, Siita, to a local pimp. After abusing her terribly, the pimp finally took her to the hospital as she was barely hanging on. The directors of Rescue House* were called and asked to come take her to their home because she was alone and at great risk for her life. Now, several years later, Siita lives at Rescue House* and is making beautiful jewelry with the other young women. Her dream is to one day be a lawyer and fight for the rights of young women who’ve been exploited and abused.

*name changed

Studies and surveys sponsored by the Ministry of Women and Children estimates that there are about 3 million prostitutes in [India], of which an estimated 40% are children, as there is a growing demand for very young girls to be inducted into prostitution on account of customer preferences. (India Country Report, World Congress III, 2008)