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Sona’s Story

The first day we trained the women at SH, there was one young woman named Sona(names have been changed to protect her identity) who struggled just to make a basic loop for an earring. She tried so hard but wasn’t able to do it, but all the while she was smiling and happy. We learned she has special needs, and she has an enormously high risk for abuse and exploitation in India. Because of SH she is safe and protected, but as she gets older the staff had been wondering what she can do as a vocation with her special needs.Later, I was teaching a group of young women to make bracelets, so I asked Sona to join us. Before coming to India we asked women from three churches to donate their old, broken, and mismatched pieces of jewelry for a recycle project. We broke down the donations into bags of beads, then we taught these young women how to make bracelets out of the donated beads. What a great way to recycle for hope. Sona was a star at bracelet making! She truly excelled at it, and she was beaming with pride. Her bracelets were the neatest ones with the perfect bead combinations. As I praised her, her confidence grew. I found myself wondering if this was the first time in her life she was the best at something. Most importantly, we have found one way for Sona to earn an income that will go directly into her bank account for her future